Simple Sock Trick That Stops Your Car Windows From Ever Fogging Up Again


Fogged up car windows can put a damper on your already joyless early morning commute.

They limit your visibility and can quickly become very dangerous if you don’t pull over and wait for the condensation to dissipate.


When fogging occurs in your car, your first reaction is probably to activate your windshield wipers, but more often than not, this does nothing since the fog is occurring on the inside of your windows rather than on the outside.

This interior window fog is a result of the air inside your car being warmer than the air outside, which causes the moisture inside the car to condense against the cold glass. This is why foggy windows are most common in winter.

Winter driving conditions are already less than ideal, so it’s important to do what you can to reduce foggy windows.

This video tutorial offers a nifty little trick that you can do to help prevent interior window condensation. All you need are some old socks and a desiccant (a material that removes moisture from the air) like silica crystal cat litter.

Start by taking a pair of socks — be sure that there are no holes in them. Fill one sock with your silica crystal cat litter (if you don’t have any cat litter, those little silica packs that come in your clothes will work as well).

Tie up the sock and then put it inside the other sock to make sure your absorbent material doesn’t leak out and make a dusty mess. This sock device will absorb excess moisture inside your car’s cabin, reducing the amount of condensation and fog you see when you start your daily drive. Good luck and drive safe!

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