SIGN THE PETITION! Charge Brittany Herring And Her Accomplices With Hate Crimes UPDATED


On Wednesday evening, news broke of the kidnapping of a young, special needs man who was kidnapped and tortured by a group of four African Americans in Chicago. The whole incident was streamed live on Facebook by Brittany Herring, one of the alleged perpetrators.

During the 45 minute incident, the captors can be heard saying “F*** white people” and “F*** Donald Trump”. They beat the 18-year-old man in and apparently cut his scalp.

The four assailants are now in police custody awaiting charges.

While the incident appears on its face to be one which was motivated, at least in part, by racial animus, police are not yet calling this a “hate crime.”

“We do not believe the victim was targeted because of his race or because of a political affiliation,” Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Thursday.

Now, a WhiteHouse.gov petition is circulating to asking that the perpetrators be charged with a hate crime.

The petition reads:

Brittany Herring, an African American woman, streamed a video on Facebook Live of a young, tied up white man with special needs being kicked and hit by African American men who force him to say “f*ck Donald Trump” and “f**k white people.”

If white people tied up and kicked an African American boy and told him to denounce Obama on tape, this would be all over the news, Black Lives Matter would already be in the streets and Attorney General Lynch would be investigating it as a hate crime.

Attorney General Sessions and President Trump, please investigate this matter and charge these criminals with racist hate crimes.

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As the petition notes, if the races had been reversed in this incident, it’s hard to imagine that this would not immediately have been considered a hate crime.

Take a moment to sign the petition HERE.

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