Sidney Powell Claims Election Fraud Witnesses Are Being Threatened And Beaten Up


Sidney Powell claimed witnesses involved in her 2020 election legal ventures are being threatened and, in one case, was hurt.

The attorney, who claims to have evidence of a massive voter fraud scheme involving machines that shifted the contest in President-elect Joe Biden’s favor, talked to Fox News host Sean Hannity on Monday about some of the difficulties she is facing.

She said some people, including those who have government roles, are unable to come forward “without certain protections in place.” Powell called on the government (she didn’t say which government) to offer such protections.

Powell added that potential witnesses are in danger of losing their jobs and their “lives have been threatened.” Powell also said that one witness has been “beaten up and is in the hospital.”

“There have been all kinds of repercussions against people who have come forward … (Read more)

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