Show This Video to All Your Liberal Friends Who Say Socialism is Great


American liberals want socialism so badly that they’ve started voting people like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez into Congress.

But they are ignorant. They don’t realize what it is they are calling down upon this nation.

They’re also willfully blind. Because there are plenty of other socialist nations of the type AOC promotes out there in the world.

Totally socialist regimes like Venezuela, which this week again provided a frightening demonstration of how such governments deal with discontent from their starving populations.

WARNING: The following video could be unsettling for some viewers.

That was on the streets of Venezuela, where people are impoverished in a way most Americans cannot even imagine.

Those folks were clearly posing no physical danger to the government forces, but were brutally run over regardless.

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Is that what we want for America?

Ten years ago, one might’ve argued that that wasn’t what Democrats meant when they talked about socialism in America.

But AOC and her ilk have proved that what’s happening in Venezuela is precisely what a new generation of liberals want for us, too, even if they don’t quite realize it.

Via The Washington Post

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