Shots Fired: Pelosi Publicly Slams AOC


More evidence that the Democratic Party went too far in its reaction to Donald Trump becoming president, and is now imploding.

Thanks to the hysterical response to Trump winning the White House, Democrats accidentally fired up the more radical members of their constituency, resulting in fanatics like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez getting into Congress.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tried to cover it up, but it’s been quite apparent for the past couple months that deep cracks are forming in the Democratic Party on Capitol Hill.

AOC and her fellow lunatic freshmen have on several occasions suggested that they won’t be toeing the party line laid down by Pelosi and other Democratic old-schoolers.

Pelosi and her gang have responded by repeatedly trying to reduce the unprecedented attention AOC is getting from the mainstream media.

In an interview with “60 Minutes” last week, Pelosi implied that AOC doesn’t represent much of anyone but herself, and as such, shouldn’t be garnering so much spotlight.

During the interview, it was pointed out to Pelosi that the Democrats in Congress are rather fractured with “AOC and her group on one side…”

It was there that Pelosi interrupted, and said of “AOC and her group” that “that’s like five people.”

The interviewer countered that party progressives number far more than five people, to which Pelosi noted that most congressional Democrats consider themselves progressive, herself included, the insinuation being that AOC belongs to a fringe group.

The tone was undeniably hostile.

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Via The New York Post

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