Shots Fired – China Attacks US Military Aircraft


China is testing President Trump.

Even as the two Koreas look to be on the brink of peace, China appears determined to provoke Trump in other ways.

Last week, a number of US military pilots were injured when Chinese nationals fired lasers at their aircraft over east Africa.

Now, we aren’t just talking about Chinese tourists aiming laser pointers at American jets.

The Chinese nationals in question were stationed at China’s first overseas military base in Djibouti.

We are talking about Chinese military personal conducting a dangerous, even life-threatening attack on our military pilots.

The Washington Free Beacon reported on the Pentagon’s response:

Pentagon Press Secretary Dana White said the U.S. government made diplomatic protests to the Chinese government over several recent incidents of laser firings near China’s first overseas military base at Djibouti.

“These are very serious incidents. There have been two minor injuries. This activity poses a threat to our airmen,” White told reporters.

“We have formally demarched the Chinese government, and we’ve requested that the Chinese investigate these incidents,” she added.

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