Shocking Obama Policy Exposed, and Trump Quickly Puts an End to It


There are just too many examples to count of how Barack Obama was a weak president who did nearly-irreparable harm to America’s standing in the world.

But this latest revelation might just take the cake.

A little-known part of Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran saw the Islamic Republic deliberately overproducing heavy water and other nuclear materials, and then blackmailing Obama to buy these materials.

Using your tax dollars.

A Washington insider told the Free Beacon:

“Iran was deliberately overproducing heavy water and then telling the U.S. ‘buy it from us or it’ll blow up the deal’. The Obama administration paid, effectively rewarding Iran for violating the nuclear deal.”

But Trump is having none of it. He won’t allow America to be held hostage.

The report continues:

Trump administration officials told the Free Beacon they have informed Iran that it is now solely responsible for maintaining compliance with the nuclear deal.

“No, the United States is not planning to purchase any Iranian heavy water,” a White House National Security Council spokesperson told the Free Beacon. “We have made it clear to Iran that it is their responsibility to remain under their heavy water limit in the JCPOA,” or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the official title of the nuclear agreement.

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