Shocking. Hell Has Frozen Over As Huge Group Flips On Dems, ‘Backing Trump in 2020’


A Reuters poll was just released that caused quite a stir on social media after it was discovered that one particular group has flipped on Democrats and is now supporting President Trump. This put a huge dent in the ‘blue wave’ that a very small amount of people have mentioned in hopes to get Democrats to the voting booths in the next election. However, the ‘blue wave’ has turned into a puddle after the Reuters poll shows that black males are now turning their backs on the Democrat party and it appears that they will now back Donald Trump in the 2020 election if he runs for reelection.

This poll is being referred to as the “Kanye Effect” as he’s turned his back on the Democrat party who is commonly chastised for taking advantage of, or targeting, people of color. The poll, of course, had only talked to 200 black males, so it was a very tiny fraction of a sample. The polls that many people use are often of much smaller samples than we wish to know. That explains why the polls come out and so many people say “why wasn’t I ever asked.”

The poll suggests, even in small testing numbers, that black males support for President Trump have almost doubled. Could it be temporary or a new trend growing towards more people leaving the Democrat party? There’s no way tell just yet, but there’s more to discuss which was posted by Breitbart: “According to a Reuters poll, approval for President Trump has doubled between April 22 and April 29, from 11 percent to 22 percent.
The Daily Caller, which first unearthed this metric, suggests caution. Although that was the week music superstar Kanye West came out in support of Trump, the finding could also be statistical noise in a poll that only talked to 200 black men.

Trump’s overall approval among black Americans also nearly doubled, with a jump from 8.9 percent to 16.5 percent.

Another interesting metric was on the issue of “mixed feelings.” Opinions on Trump among black males were hardened on the 22nd when only 1.5 percent said they have “mixed feelings” on the president. A week later that number jumped to 7.1 percent, which would suggest Kanye West’s goal of unlocking the mind to see outside the Left’s Thought Plantation is reaching people.

Overall, these might seem like small shifts — 11 percent to 22 percent, or 8.9 percent to 16.5 percent. This looks like it is still an awfully low level of support. The truth, though, is that (if these numbers are more than just statistical noise), if there truly is an increase of support for Trump among black voters, even an increase that is half of what we are seeing here, the real world effect could be monumental.

We live in a 50/50 country where big elections are won and lost on the smallest of margins. Democrats maintain their coalition by cobbling countless coalitions. If just one of those coalitions, most especially black voters who reliable vote for Democrats in the 95 percent margin, crumbles even a little bit, the whole house of cards will come tumbling down.

And this is exactly why Kanye West is under such withering fire right now, in both the media and popular culture. West has the cultural power to break this coalition merely by saying what he has been saying, merely by questioning what he has described as the “slavery of the mind” when it comes to voting for Democrats. Therefore, before he can be allowed to break this hold, like Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, and Ben Carson before him, West must be destroyed.”


There were some mixed results about the poll as many people on the left, particularly Brian Stelter of CNN, has already appeared to seem like he disagrees with the poll and that Kanye West is a “gift to racists” which doesn’t really make much sense. Just like anyone in America, Kanye West is free to voice his views and opinions, regardless of who agrees or disagrees.

There will always be someone who agrees and disagrees with one’s opinion. That’s part of life and it’s acceptable for people to not agree on everything.

One thing to watch out for is if the poll scales to bigger numbers and black American males begin supporting the Republican party. The Democrats might be scared after seeing their ‘blue wave’ turn into something much different.

Do you think the polls will show bigger numbers of black males in support of President Trump?

Will the Democrats have to target another demographic for votes in the 2020 Presidential election?


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