SHOCKING Details Emerge About ‘Trump Dress’ Worn to Grammys by Brave Black Singer


Singer and songwriter Joy Villa put herself on the map on Sunday after showing up to the Grammys wearing a dress emblazoned with President Trump’s slogan of “Make America Great Again”.

It’s rare these days to find celebrities brave enough to challenge the ultra-liberal status quo in their industries. It’s even more noticeable when they look as stunning as Villa did while doing so.

Well, that brings us to the designer who made for Villa the dress that everyone can’t stop talking about.

His name is Andre Soriano, and he’s a flamboyantly homosexual immigrant from the Philippines.

Yes, that’s right. The biggest pro-Trump statement at the Grammys was made by a black woman wearing a patriotic pro-Trump dress made by a gay immigrant.

That pretty much ticks all of the liberal check boxes, right?

So much for Trump’s supporters all being white bigots, as the mainstream media and Democrats like to claim.

Following this revelation, the Trump News Network tweeted that perhaps Soriano should next design a dress for First Lady Melania Trump.

Freedom Daily noted that President Trump’s son, Eric, immediately shared the recommendation on Twitter, signaling his approval.

Villa and Soriano are going to continue to see their stars rise for demonstrating such patriotism and loyalty, while liberals once again look foolish.

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