SHOCKER: Friends Reveal What Hillary is PLOTTING Next


This is a tumultuous time for Hillary Clinton. And I’m sure liberal hearts everywhere are bleeding just a little more than usual.

She was so certain of winning the presidential election that there’s no way she had a back-up plan.

But Donald Trump won, and now she and Bill are left scrambling for a way to maintain their influence, power and (most importantly) cash flow.

The Clintons do not look finished

The Clintons clearly do not look finished.

A close friend of the Clintons revealed what Hillary might be doing next.

And it’s not running for mayor of New York City, as some suggested. And it’s certainly not taking another stab at president. The nation made it clear they don’t want her.

But another run for the US Senate is definitely not out of the question, as indicated by former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell in remarks to Politico.

“I’m certain Trump will screw up enough that by the fall of ’18, Hillary’s numbers will be way up again,” said Rendell.

Why the fall of 2018? Well, that’s the time of the next congressional election.

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And in a state like New York or California, some of the few that Clinton actually won during the presidential election, she could still be reasonably sure of winning a senate race.

That is, if the Democrats themselves aren’t fed up with the Clintons by now.

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