She’s Black, an Immigrant and a Woman – and She Just Dropped a BOMBSHELL on Anti-Trump Feminists


Ayaan Hirsi Ali is dropping some powerful truth bombs on the anti-Trump feminist movement.

And this woman knows what she is talking about.

Hirsi Ali grew up the daughter of Somali Muslim immigrants in the Netherlands.

Living under Sharia Law, she was subjected to female genital mutilation at a young age.

Today a US citizen, Hirsi Ali is trying to get people to recognize the real threats to women and their rights, and President Donald Trump is not one of them.

In an interview with Fox News, Hirsi Ali attacked the anti-Trump feminist movement and the recent Women’s March, as well as its organizer, Sharia Law-advocate Linda Sarsour.

“She is a fake feminist,” Hirsi Ali said of those behind the Women’s March. They are “not interested in universal human rights. She is a defender of Sharia Law. …[and] there is nothing that degrades women more than Sharia Law.”

WHOA! And these are the people opposing Trump? If so, then it appears he was absolutely right – our immigration policies are letting in some very bad people.

For the sake of American women, we need to stand with Trump and support his immigration policies!

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