She’s Been Caught Red-Handed – Ivanka Trump Did It


This could land her in hot water.

It’s being reported that Ivanka Trump last week donated a whopping $50,000 to help children who have been separated from their parents while illegally crossing the Mexican border.

That alone is enough to raise eyebrows, given the current hoopla over the child separation policy.

But an even more interesting aspect is to WHOM Ivanka gave the money.

The president’s daughter donated the large sum to a Christian church, namely Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas.

Now, remember that Ivanka converted to Judaism, and has made a show of practicing a modern Orthodox form of the religion.

For her to go through a church in seeking to help the needy could be used as ammunition by those who claim her conversion was merely a requirement of her marriage, and that Ivanka shouldn’t be speaking out on any issues pertaining to Judaism or Israel in a personal manner.

It could also be used by those who insist Ivanka remains “Christian” at heart, despite her conversion.

At any rate, the decision to funnel the aid money through a Christian, rather than a Jewish, institution is indeed interesting.

Source: Fox News

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