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Sheriff Clarke Warns Congress: “Build the Damn Wall,” or ELSE!


Congress has been dragging its feet and preventing President Trump from more rapidly fulfilling his campaign promises.

This is happening to the detriment of Americans’ well-being and security.

The dire situation was exposed last week when a San Francisco jury decided to set free an illegal immigrant who had killed an American.

What’s more, that illegal immigrant, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, had been deported and reentered the US nearly half a dozen times.

That wouldn’t have been possible with Trump’s border wall.

And Sheriff Clarke sought to drive that message home to Congress during a Fox News interview:

“Until Congress fixes this broken immigration system — and it has to start with sealing the border — build the damn wall. Our border is not sealed. If you don’t build the wall as President Trump wants, these guys are just going to keep coming back.”

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