She Was the Most Beautiful Woman in Iraq, Until Muslim Jihadists Did the Unspeakable to Her


I’m not sure I’d ever let my own daughters enter a beauty contest in a country where Islamic jihadists roam the streets.

Because the following is precisely what’s likely to happen when you live among those who think brutal murder is the way to handle those who hold to different value systems.

Tara Fares, 22, was the most beautiful woman in Iraq, according to the judges of the recent competition to become Miss Baghdad. Fares went on to place 2nd in the Miss Iraq competition.

A Christian, Fares had garnered an astounding 2.7 million followers on Instagram.

And now she is no more.

Fares had been living in Kurdish-dominated parts of Iraq where it is still safe for Christians to dwell, but had been spending more and more time in Baghdad as her popularity grew.

That was a mistake.

Because in Baghdad, the streets are still home to murderous jihadists, two of whom gunned down Fares as she drove recently through the capital in her white convertible.

Via The New York Post

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