She Survived Hitler, Now She’s Warning America About the DEMOCRATS


Obama was only the first step. But his election and the way liberals reacted to him was a clear warning that what happened to Germany under the Nazis could happen to America, too.

We are not immune. To know that’s true, one need only listen to someone like Kitty Werthmann.

Werthmann was a young girl when Hitler came to power and the Nazis began their brutal conquest of Europe. What’s most troubling about that period, she explained, is that Hitler did not seize control through an armed coup. “We voted him in.”

Trump’s election has stemmed that movement in America, at least for now. But many of the causes being championed by liberal Democrats are a direct echo of what Hitler and the Nazis wanted to do.

This is a somewhat lengthy video, but is a MUST SEE for every American:

H/T Yes I’m Right

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