She Said What About Melania?


While her husband’s busy trashing President Trump, former First Lady Laura Bush had a pretty astonishing confession to make about current First Lady Melania Trump.

Unlike loudmouth Michelle Obama, Laura Bush has, as is customary for former first ladies, maintained a dignified distance from the media since leaving the White House.

In fact, it was while Michelle was still in the White House that so many Americans realized how much they missed Laura and the class she brought to the role.

In the midst of unfair media slander, Laura broke her dignified silence to tell CNN that Melania Trump brings no less class and elegance.

Via the Washington Examiner:

Former first lady Laura Bush applauded Melania Trump on Wednesday for her work in the role since President Trump’s inauguration.

“I just think she’s doing a lovely job,” Bush told CNN. “She’s a beautiful woman. She’s a wonderful representative for the United States.”

That’s pretty high praise coming from such a beloved former First Lady.

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