Sharia Advocate Makes SICK Statement About the Bible, INSTANTLY REGRETS IT


Women’s March organizer and terror-supporter Linda Sarsour wants to see Sharia Law in America.

And she’s using the Bible, of all things, to justify her sick positions.

Taking to Twitter, Sarsour demanded that people stop criticizing Islam’s intolerance if they aren’t going to take a similar view of the Bible.

In particular, Sarsour took offense at those who point out the truth of how Islam treats homosexuals.

As she noted, the Bible, likewise, condemns homosexuality.

What she forgot to acknowledge is that Jews and Christians don’t go around executing homosexuals for failing to obey the Word of God.

But the Internet was there to remind Sarsour of her willful omission:

What Sarsour and jihadists like her fail to grasp is that while Christians may view homosexuality as a sin, all the other sins that we all commit on a daily basis are equally offensive to God.

And it is He alone who can judge, and execute judgment on, each and every one of us.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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