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Sewing Needles Found In Strawberries Across Major Supermarkets, Police Report


Several consumers have reported that they have discovered sewing needles inside their recently purchased strawberries. Police believe that the incident of the contamination was intentional.

On Sunday, one man who reported the contamination was the only individual known to have consumed the fruit with the sewing needle inside. Health officials say he was assessed by doctors.

Gane wrote on Facebook saying his friend had swallowed “half a sewing needle” after he bit into the strawberry.

“We then checked the other strawberries and found another sewing needle lodged inside one of them,” Gane wrote. “We are now at the ER because he subsequently started experiencing severe abdominal pain.

A couple days later, two more cases popped up.

The two brands that are subject to this recall are Berry Licious and Berry Obsession.

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