Seven GOP Reps Ask Biden To Intervene Against House Impeachment Push


Seven House Republicans wrote a letter to President-elect Joe Biden asking him to formally request that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) halt the push from members of the House to impeach President Donald Trump after Wednesday’s violent unrest at the Capitol building.

The Republican lawmakers — Ken Buck, Tom McClintock, Thomas Massie, Chip Roy, Kelly Armstong, Nancy Mace and Mike Gallagher, all of whom were in favor of certifying the electoral college votes on January 6 — argued that the impeachment option in the Constitution was never intended to be used absent “adequate investigation and congressional hearings.”

Pelosi said Friday that the House was prepared to pursue impeachment if Trump didn’t resign from office, reported The New York Times.

he seven House Republicans, however, argued in their letter to Biden that, under the present circumstances, pursuing impeachment would simply be too rushed. “This impeachment would undermine your priority of unifying Americans, and would be a further distraction to our nation at a time when millions of our fellow citizens are hurting because of the pandemic and the economic fallout,” they wrote.

“We respectfully urge you to encourage Speaker Pelosi to set aside this partisan effort immediately,” wrote the Republican members of Congress.

In the spirit of healing and fidelity to our Constitution, I am asking that @JoeBiden formally request that Speaker Pelosi discontinue her efforts to impeach President Trump a second time. pic.twitter.com/BpCouEPxiW

According to ABC News, House Democrats were circulating a dr… (Read more)

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