Serial Trump-Hater Barbara Streisand Just Ended Her Own Career


Like most of Hollywood’s serial Trump-haters, Barbara Streisand isn’t the sharpest, or most straight, tool in the shed when it comes to commenting on current events.

Just a few months ago, Streisand accused President Trump of being “indecent.”

And yet, in remarks to a British newspaper last week, Streisand appeared to be defending the indecency of the late Michael Jackson, who is accused of sexually molesting little boys.

Trump might have made some lewd locker-room jokes, but that’s a far cry from sexually abusing children.

And yet, Streisand thinks Trump’s lighter offense makes him “indecent,” while Jackson’s far more serious crime (if it’s true) is somehow justifiable.

In a series of unbelievable answers, Streisand told the Times of London that the two men who are accusing Jackson of molesting them as children were “thrilled” to be invited to a sleepover at the pop legend’s compound.

Streisand further insisted that being molested “didn’t kill” the boys, and that people must understand that Michael Jackson had particular “sexual needs.”

She later tried to feign sympathy for the two boys, but these are kinds of remarks that could effectively end Barbar Streisand’s career.

Via Time

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