Serial Hollywood Trump-Hater Jennifer Lawrence Gets Worst News Of Her Failing Career


For a while there, Jennifer Lawrence was one of Hollywood’s fastest rising stars. Then, she decided to make a new career out of bashing President Trump.

The problem with doing that is that half of America, and therefore half of the potential audience for her movies, voted for Trump, and doesn’t appreciate being insulted.

Now, Lawrence is starting to realize the gravity of her mistake. The numbers are in, and her latest movie, “mother!”, is a bonafide FLOP.

Bringing in a measly $7.5 million at the box office on its opening weekend, it’s by far Lawrence’s lowest opening of her career.

More than that, the critics, even liberal critics, have been tearing “mother!” to shreds.

Rex Reed of the Observer called it a “delusional freak show” and “two hours of pretentious twaddle.”

Even at that bastion of liberal thought, The Huffington Post, which typically goes gaga over Lawrence’s jabs at Trump, her new movie earned little but scorn.

“The film runs helter skelter thru a series of unbelievable happenings and they feed into chaos. The end leaves you feeling it was all much ado about nothing,” wrote Jacke K. Cooper, adding that director Darren Aronofsky “might have thought by flinging paint against a canvas he made a masterpiece. He didn’t. He made a mess.”

H/T Conservative Tribune

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