Senior Citizen Alert! Tricky New Phone Scam Sweeping the Country


Phone scams have sadly become all too common in our society.

According to reports, Cindy Lombardo got a phone call saying she’d missed jury duty. The person said they worked for the Guilford County Sheriff`s Office. He told Cindy to take care of the matter, she needed to pay a $1,000 fine. He said she’s had to buy a Green Dot prepaid credit card to pay the court.


However, Cindy wasn’t sure this was a real thing. She decided to do some investigating for herself.

“She hung up and called her father. She asked him if she missed jury duty and he said no. How would her father know? He is a bailiff in the Guilford County Courthouse. That`s right. The scam artist called the bailiff’s daughter,” reported myfox8.

While the scam kind of sounds legitimate, it definitely is not the way the current judicial system operates. However, scammers try to call as many people as possible hoping an unsuspecting senior citizen will fall for their trick!

Please let any friends know about this information so they don’t become the next victim of some phone scammers!

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