Obama LIVID: Senate Just Started Dismantling His Favorite Legacy


The US Senate has gotten aboard the Trump Express, and is working with the White House to DEMOLISH Barack Obama’s harmful legacy.

In a dramatic vote on Thursday, senators voted 54-45 to end regulations on coal mining put in place by the previous administration.

It is President Trump’s first jab at Obama’s beloved environmental regulations fueled by hysteria over so-called global warming.

The Hill reports:

“The Congressional Review Act (CRA) challenge passed by the Senate undoes the Interior Department’s Stream Protection Rule, a regulation requiring coal firms to clean up waste from mountaintop removal mining and prevent it from going into local waterways.

“The coal industry and its congressional allies have looked for ways to kill the rule since Obama regulators began crafting it early in his term.

“They argued the regulation would be such a financial hindrance for the coal industry that it would kill jobs in economically distressed areas of Appalachia already struggling due to the sector’s market-driven downturn.”

But Obama didn’t care about American jobs. He only cared about his legacy and pandering to radical liberal agendas.

Thank God we finally have a president who puts the American worker FIRST!

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