Senate Democrats, Led By Schumer, Just Killed A Bill To Bring Financial Relief To Americans


“The American people expect us to act. If we fail, it will be because Senate Democrats are continuing to dither while the country expects bold, bipartisan action,” Senate Majority Leader, Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell said on Twitter.

Senate Democrats just blocked a major move to turn this economy around &get ppl back 2work Phase 3 relief package incl recovery checks to help families pay their bills +very strongly beefed up unemployment insurance +resources for our health care system This is NO time 4 politics,” Sen. Charles Grassley said on Twitter.

“Senate Democrats are blocking emergency relief for Americans suffering from our public health and economic crisis. Lives are on the line. Literally. Quit playing politics & pass the bill,” Sen. Liz Cheney said.

“Now is NOT the time for politics. Senate Dems & Nancy Pelosi need to quit playing political games & support the Coronavirus relief bill they co-wrote in the first place.

“Enough is enough. Lives are at stake. The economy is at stake. Families & workers need help NOW,” Rep. Steve Scalise said.

House Speaker and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi urged patience as the House decided to draft its own bill, likely because getting the credit is more important to them.

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