Sen. Tim Scott Says Dems Will ‘Transform America’ Into ‘Socialist Utopia’ If Gop Loses In Georgia


Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott said he believes America will turn into a different country if the GOP loses their two Senate runoff races in Georgia, saying the wins would “save the nation.”

Scott was asked about the two races in an appearance on Fox News Wednesday night. In one race, Republican Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler is running against Democratic challenger Raphael Warnock. In the other, Republican Georgia Sen. David Perdue faces a rematch against his own Democratic challenger, Jon Ossoff.

Scott said if Republicans do not win these seats and keep a majority of the Senate the U. S. would like like a “socialist utopia.”

“(These are) the most consequential two Senate seats in all of America and all time,” Scott said in the interview, Fox News reported. “We save the nation and continue to move in the right direction by having those two seats won by… (Read more)

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