Sen. Ted Cruz Gets Haircut At Salon A La Mode After Owner Shelley Luther Released From Jail



DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz showed his support Friday for recently jailed stylist Shelley Luther by getting a haircut at her now controversial Salon à la Mode.

“We’re thrilled to be with you and know the whole State of Texas is standing with you, so thank you for your courage,” Cruz told Luther.

Cruz told Luther he hasn’t had a haircut in about three months, and that his wife Heidi even warned he would “start bringing mullets back,” if he didn’t do something soon.

At one point during his visit, Luther started crying, thanking Cruz for his support, “When people reach out with true authenticity, it’s huge,” she said.

Luther told CBS 11 News, “It’s a nice gesture. His family actually called my boyfriend and prayed for him for 20 minutes while I was in jail. To me that’s not political… that’s just really nice people reaching out and making sure that our family is okay.”

Cruz joins other prominent conservatives who have rallied to Luther’s defense, who was sentenced to seven days in jail for criminal and civil contempt and a $7,000 fine for defying orders to keep her business closed during the pandemic.

Luther has had a big week….(Read more)

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