Sen. Stabenow: My Republican Colleagues Are Violating Their Oath To The Constitution


On Sunday, Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) criticized her Republican colleagues, who are planning to object to the Electoral College results.

On MSNBC’s “Velshi,” Stabenow said, “Of all the damage that’s been done in four years, and there’s been a lot of it, this is the worst.”

She continued, “We’re at a point now where basically we’ve got 12 United States Senators, Republicans, saying it doesn’t matter how people voted, it just doesn’t matter, we’ve decided we want Donald Trump — or at minimum, we’re too weak to stand up to him, which I think is part of what this is all about.

It’s like the bully is going to bully them one more time. And so, for instance, in Michigan, where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won by over 154,000 votes this time, where they brought eight different lawsuits, none of them, none of them had any standing whatsoever and were thrown out.

We know 60 lawsuits across the country, including the Supreme Court rejecting them. And yet, it doesn’t matter. Unfortunately… (Read more)

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