Sen. Hawley Introduces Anti-CRT Love America Act To Teach Patriotism In Schools


Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., on Monday introduced the Love America Act, which seeks to promote patriotism in public schools and prohibit federal funding to those that teach the country’s foundational texts are rooted in racism.

The bill would require students to read and recite portions of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Pledge of Allegiance at certain grade levels. Under the legislation, students would be able to recite the pledge by the first grade, and fourth graders would be able to recite the Constitution’s preamble.

Students in the eighth grade would be able to recite the preamble of the Declaration of Independence and 10th graders would be able to identify the Bill of Rights.

The Love America Act would also block federal funds from going to schools that teach such texts are a product of White supremacy or racism. Hawley said his effort is a response to the left-wing push for critical race theory to be t… (Read more)

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