Sen. Durbin Attempts To Lecture Judge Barrett On Originalism. (It Doesn’t Go Well For Him.)


“It strains originalism”: Sen. Dick Durbin presses Barrett when she does not directly answer whether the president could unilaterally deny the right to vote based on race or gender. Barrett says the 14th and 15th Amendments prohibit that, but she will not “answer hypotheticals”


Jonathan Turley tweeted:

Barrett just landed a haymaker.  Durbin said that her answer “stains originalism:  Barrett responded that it would “strain the canons of [judicial] conduct . . . it would strain Article III” to answer such questions.

Will Chamberlain tweeted:

ACB is straight wrecking Durbin right now I want that clip where Durbin talked about ACB’s answers straining originalism, and she replied that answering Durbin’s questions would strain the canons of judicial conduct, Article 3, and the entire judicial process

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