Seattle Police Find Van Full of Improvised Explosives


The Seattle police department witnessed rioters in Seattle receive baseball bats and other weapons being distributed from a van which they ended up impounding.

They were finally able to get a search warrant for the van and they found explosives, stun guns, and improvised spike strips.

Who is paying for all of these weapons? It is a question we need to find an answer to. 

On Saturday, when weapons were handed out from the van, there was an explosion shortly thereafter that blew an eight inch hole into the wall at the East Precinct.

Police Carmen Best said:

“Since July 19th, we have seen three protests where individuals have embedded themselves and they were particularly destructive and violent inside the peaceful group. Last Saturday a group of protesters went to the Youth Service Center where people within the group threw incendiary devices, Molotov cocktails, into a construction site which resulted in several trailers being destroyed by fire.”

She continued:

“The group went from the construction cite to the East Precinct. A van that was closely following the group arrived at the precinct with the group. People were seen removing items and distributing them to people within the group. These items were described as baseball bats, pyrotechnic explosives, APR respirators, improvised shields, and face masks.” 

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