Sears Aligns With Anti-Israel Forces in New Fashion Line


The tentacles of the liberal agenda are wrapping themselves around all facets of everyday life.

Already for years we can’t see movies without some liberal agenda being shoved down our throats. And now, even something as mundane as shopping at a department store has become an unsavory political statement.

Bowing to that part of the liberal agenda for that some reason sees Sharia Law and the “Palestinian cause” as good things, Sears has started selling a very unfortunate new line of women’s t-shirts.

The shirts feature a clenched fist in the colors of the Palestinian flag along with the words “Free Palestine – End Israeli Occupation.”

Never mind that in those territories currently controlled by the Palestinian Authority women’s rights are regularly abused, homosexuals are harassed and killed, and Christians are persecuted.

Liberals hate Israel too much to let inconvenient facts get in the way.

They don’t actually care about the Palestinian Arabs. Otherwise they’d realize that a “Free Palestine” would simply become yet another oppressive and brutal Arab dictatorship harboring the worst of Islamic jihadists.

But you know what the liberals who own and run Sears do care about?

Their bottom line.

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So, let’s hit them where they’ll notice by BOYCOTTING SEARS until this abomination of a fashion line is REMOVED.

Are you with us? Then SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE!

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