Sean Hannity Just Epicly Trolled Lindsey Graham and It’s Insanely Viral!


Sean Hannity just majorly trolled Senator Lindsey Graham and is now taking bets on when he will switch to the Democrat Party.

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The Blaze reported: Fox News host Sean Hannity trolled South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham on Twitter Saturday after the senator said President Donald Trump’s wiretapping accusations could blow up into a scandal bigger than Watergate — for Trump.

Linking to a news story about Graham’s comments, Hannity tweeted Saturday afternoon asking his more than two million followers if they should start betting over when Graham would officially change his political affiliation to the Democratic Party.

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Graham told his constituents at a town hall event Saturday he’s “very worried” about the implications of the Obama administration lawfully obtaining a warrant to monitor Trump’s communication with foreign powers because there has to be some evidence of wrongdoing for a judge to grant a warrant.

Read full story @ (Link: www.theblaze.com)

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