Sean Hannity BOMBED CNN! “I Will EXPOSE Them” – Massive Online Feedback!


Tuesday night Sean Hannity announced his plans for next week’s plans to expose CNN and NBC News. Sean pointed out this will be an epic fail, so he warned them in time, but apparently, he gave his followers a little taste of what’s coming.

He took it to Twitter wishing everyone a Happy New Year, but after the holidays he will return with some juicy information.

“One week from tonight I will expose @CNN and @NBCNews news for #EpicFail. Happy New Year to all irredeemable deplorables. 2018, cling to God Faith Bibles religion,” – he tweeted.

Sean is one of the biggest critics of the so-called mainstream media, and always trying to prove that liberal biased media is serving people fake news.

He received support from many who can’t wait for the news to come out.

“Waiting on my coffee pot.” – wrote one supporter on Twitter.

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“God Bless You Sean !! Keep up the great work” – another supporter added.

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“Let’s go #Hannity! We stand with you as you fight the #FakeNewsMedia! Continue to expose the #DeepStatecriminals one by one until they all fall like a House of Cards! #MAGA” –  posted one on Twitter.

It is unclear what he is meaning to reveal, but having in mind his daily attacks for fake news media against President Trump we can expect he prepared something good to expose.

He has full right to attack CNN and NBC News for spreading hate for the President and. And once again Sean Hannity stands up for the truth and against the terrible lies that CNN produced so that they can make Trump look bad in the eyes of the general public.

Sean Hannity is one of the most patriotic public persons that America needs in times like these. Don’t get me wrong, but our country needs every single real American to spread the truth and oppose the lying CNN. Sean Hannity does that!

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