SD Gov. Noem: “Big Tech Needs To Have More Oversight, Potentially Needs To Be Broken Up”


During an appearance on NewsmaxTV’s, Noem talked about Big Tech censorship.

“Yesterday, Twitter blocked the South Dakota Republican Party account, which was pretty shocking for us,” Noem said. “So, we drew some attention to it, and they did unblock it, but we’re still having difficulties going forward.

This is the kind of censorship we’ve seen be pretty widespread the last year or two, and one of the reasons big tech needs to have more oversight, potentially needs to be broken up, and Congress needs to act to make sure they aren’t manipulating an agenda through what they filter and what they allow the public to see and what they don’t allow the public to see.

That’s why we’ll draw attention to it.

That’s why I talk about it, and that’s why I made sure I’m focused on why the South Dakota Republican Party wasn’t treated differently than any other political organization that we may have here in the state and across the country.”

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