‘Screaming Match’ Breaks Out On House Floor After Marjorie Taylor Greene Reportedly Refuses To Wear Face Mask


A “screaming match” reportedly broke out on Capitol Hill after Rep.-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene would not wear a face mask.

“2 new Republicans — including @mtgreenee — are being told by House floor staff that they have to put their masks on. as of now, they seem to be telling the floor staff that they will not put it on. Taylor Greene is leaving the floor with the other R, who were trying to ID,” Punchbowl News’s Jake Sherman tweeted Sunday.

“Now, the Republiacn (sic) and Democratic floor staff are in a screaming match on the floor. So this Congress is going great already,” he added.

The 117th Congress convened on Sunday, where new members will be sworn in and Nancy Pelosi is expected to be reelected as House speaker.

There was no immediately available video of the reported “screaming match,” but Greene responded to Sheerman’s tweets.

“Well I actually do have a mask,” she said in response, accompanied by a photo of herself wearing a “TRUMP WON” mask.

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