Scott Walker just checkmated the NFL exposing their Dark Secrets! Protesters are Panicking!


Gov. Scott Walker just came out of the closet to expose the NFL.

The New York Post reports that Walker told Roger Goodell that all players should stand during the national anthem to “condemn domestic violence.”

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“It is time for players in the NFL to stop protests during the anthem and move on from what has become a divisive political sideshow,” Governor Walker told Roger Goodell.

“Instead, I encourage them to use their voices and influence to take a stand against domestic violence.”

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the NFL players are some of the worst domestic abusers in the country.

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According to Vice, 44 players in the NFL have been accused of sexual or physical assault.

And USA Today has even more bad news – Five players have already been arrested for domestic violence this year.

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Governor Walker added the dagger, “Now would be an especially opportune time to strongly condemn domestic violence and lead the charge in supporting safe families across America,” Walker said.

Let’s stand with Gov. Walker! Share if you want NFL players to stand and respect our flag and national anthem.

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