School Officials Call Police to Arrest Student for Most Unbelievable Ever


Our hyper-sensitive society has fallen to new depths of ridiculousness.

That’s most certainly what the parents of a student at Jepsen Magnet School in New Haven, Connecticut were thinking last week when their child was arrested.

Hopefully, it’s what the responding officers were also thinking.

The school’s administration called the police after a student used Legos to build a toy gun and then pointed it at other students in the course of their playing.

The school refused to release the age or identity of the student, but we are talking about an elementary school here, so probably a very young child.

The COO of New Haven Public Schools defended the hysterical reaction, saying that after an “investigation” into the child’s behavior, officials were able to determine that there was no serious threat to other students.

Well, DUH!

Since when did a child shaping a gun out of Legos constitute a threat?!

We seriously need to get a grip as a society in this country.

Via Breitbart

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