School Coach Told It’s ILLEGAL For Him to Kneel While His Players Pray


It’s another sign of how far our nation has strayed from its Christian roots. A middle school coach in Florida has been reprimanded for taking a knee during a team prayer.

Of course, it’s far from illegal – in fact, its celebrated – when people take a knee during the national anthem. That’s where America is at – inappropriate to show reverence to God, courageous to disrespect the flag.

The incident occurred following a football game at Wakulla Middle School in Florida.

The team knelt for prayer following the game. And coach Eddie Metcalf joined them. Metcalf did not lead the prayer. He didn’t even pray out loud.

But the act of kneeling in reverence while the students themselves prayed was enough to get him in trouble.

“That’s not allowable under the law,” Superintendent Robert Pearce told WCTV. “The coach may not participate in the prayer.”

Pearce went on to explain that “what we want our coaches to do – and what most people have survived with in regards to meeting the letter of the law – is to have separation from the players – two to three steps.”

Even the appearance of possibly honoring God is now forbidden in our schools.

Hateful Atheists

The issue was brought to the school board by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). The group spotted Metcalf kneeling during the prayer on a Facebook photo.

That’s right. No one from the school itself complained. No one from Florida even complained. FFRF is based in Wisconsin. But they will not tolerate Christians being Christians anywhere in America.

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“Coach Metcalf’s conduct is…[a] serious and flagrant violation of the First Amendment,” wrote FFRF attorney Andrew Seidel.

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