School Builds ‘Muslim Prayer Room’, Then TEXAS Steps In


A high school in Dallas thought it was appropriate to put a “Muslim prayer room” in the building. Never mind that doing such a thing for Christians would be deemed taboo.

But this is Texas. And local officials are having none of this submission to Sharia Law.

EAG News reported:

Texas officials are taking issue with a Muslim prayer room at Liberty High School after a student publication highlighted how the district is catering to students who practice Islam.

Wingspan, the student publication for Liberty High, explained how school officials converted a classroom at the school into a mini mosque…

The principle tried to brush aside criticism by saying Muslim students were leaving school to pray at a local mosque every day. They were skipping hours worth of classes.

But that’s not a good enough excuse to impose Islam upon the rest of the students.

Texas Deputy Attorney General Andrew Leonie told the school that if it wants to have a prayer room, fine. But it MUST be open to students of ALL faiths.

It can NOT cater solely to Muslims.

“Reports from Liberty’s news site indicate that the prayer room is not available to students of all faiths. Instead, it appears the prayer room is ‘dedicated to the religious needs of some students’ – namely, those who practice Islam. It is unclear whether students of other faiths may use the room at the same time or at other times during the week.”

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Riiiight. We’ll see how well that goes down.

Once a place has become a mosque, most devout Muslims will not tolerate it being used for worship by adherents of other religions.

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