Schiff Finds Out He’s Not In Control Anymore When He Goes A Town Hall In His Own District


The Western Journal reported:

‘During a town hall organized by the Armenian National Committee of America and held in Glendale, California, Schiff wasn’t able to get though more than a few minutes of his speech before being shut down by angry Americans.

He should have known it was coming — after all, the lawmaker was booed from the moment he walked across the stage at Saturday’s forum.

It took less than two minutes for shouts of “liar” to come from the crowd.

Several people began yelling negative comments about Schiff and his role in the partisan impeachment process.

Eventually, the meeting descended into pure chaos.

“You should be in jail,” one fed-up man shouted. “You are a disgrace to the House of Representatives. You will be going to jail for treason!”’

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