SCANDAL: Fox News Reports High Ranking Obama Official ‘Unmasked’ Members of Trump Team For Political Purposes


On Friday, Fox News’ Adam Housely reported that Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), head of the House Intelligence Committee, visited the White House in order to view intelligence information without making his source public information. Housely reports that “the surveillance that led to the unmasking started way before Trump was the GOP nominee.”

He added, the person who did the unmasking was “very well known, very high up, very senior in the intelligence world, and is not in the FBI. This led to other surveillance, which led to other names being unmasked.” Housely added that this had nothing to do with Russia, but was designed toward “hurting and embarrassing Trump and his team.” Housely said that his own sources were “just frustrated with the politicization of our intelligence agencies.”

That’s not all.

As reported by The New York Times months ago and confirmed by a former Obama administration high-ranking official, it now appears that in the waning days of the Obama era, intelligence officials compiled as much information as they could on Team Trump and handed it over to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

On Friday, NBC News reported:

Obama administration officials were so concerned about what would happen to key classified documents related to the Russia probe once President Trump took office that they created a list of document serial numbers to give to senior members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, a former Obama official told NBC News.

So, here’s the summation: it appears that members of the Obama administration not only wanted to preserve intelligence from the supposedly grubby hands of the Trump Team, a high-ranking intelligence official under Obama deliberately unmasked members of the Trump transition team in order to embarrass them. And that would only work if there were rumors about nefarious activity without proof of it – unmasking somebody for doing something completely innocuous would mean little publicly. Yet we still have no evidence of nefarious activity from any member of the Trump Team.

That’s a scandal, folks.

And that does require a real investigation.

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While the media continue to focus in on Nunes’ visits to the White House, they’re ignoring the content of what he’s saying. Trump should immediately stop jabbering about wiretaps and focus on this: according to Fox News, members of the Obama intelligence community were interested in humiliating him, and they may have violated the law to do it.

H/t Right Scoop

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