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Saudis With Swords Surround Melania. Watch What Trump Does Next


There were a lot of shocking scenes from when President Trump and his family landed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia over the weekend.

This had to be one of the most bizarre.

What would you do if a bunch of sword-wielding Muslims surrounded your wife?

If you were President Trump, you’d do this:

Look at him take the sword and join in.

What’s really amazing about this entire scene, though, is not the presence of dangerous weapons in the vicinity of our First Family.

It’s the incredible HONOR and RESPECT being shown to the president of the United States.

Remember when Obama went to Saudi Arabia and bowed low before their king?

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Across the Middle East, it was taken as a sign that America was coming under submission to Islam.

Did you notice? Trump DID NOT bow.

Instead, he let the Saudi’s treat HIM like a king. And they responded accordingly.

H/T Liberty Writers

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