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Saudis Do Something DESPICABLE After Promising Trump They’d Behave


President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia was, by all accounts, a resounding success.

He did not bow before Islam, as Barack Obama did, and was actually shown a great deal more respect because of it.

Everything seemed to be going swimmingly.

New deals were struck, and the Saudis promised to behave like a good ally.

Well, at least as far as confronting ISIS and Iran are concerned.

Behind the scenes, the Saudis were setting the stage for a new ploy that is going to hit Americans where it hurts most.

From the Daily Express:

The kingdom is expected to agree to painful reduction in oil output in a meeting with fellow OPEC members this week at a meeting in Vienna in the hope of reducing market oversupply and lifting prices.

Even though it would mean the country would effectively be selling less, it hopes it will receive more income through higher prices.

It is the latest tactic by the Middle Eastern country to raise prices, as its economy comes under increased pressure the longer oil prices stay low.

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The kingdom became dazzlingly rich in its role as one of the world’s biggest oil exports, allowing the large royal family to live a decadent life of luxury, while residents received generous subsidies and paid minimal tax.

Are you ready for higher prices at the gas pump?

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