Saudi State-Funded Tv Aired A Sketch Mocking Biden As A Forgetful, Sleepy Old Man As Us-Saudi Relations Hit New Low


* The Saudi state-funded TV network MBC aired a rare sketch mocking Biden as forgetful and senile.

* The Biden character confused Africa with Spain, forgot Putin’s name, and fell asleep while giving a speech.

* US-Saudi relations are currently poor, with MBS reportedly ignoring Biden’s recent phone calls.

A major Saudi government-owned broadcaster aired a sketch mocking President Joe Biden as US-Saudi relations plunge to a new low.

In the comedy sketch on MBC’s “Studio 22” show, which aired Monday, Biden’s character appeared sleepy and forgetful, wandering offstage before being tugged back by a likeness of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Biden is then seen confusing Spain and Africa, forgetting Russian President Vladimir Putin’s name, and mistakenly calling Harris his “first lady.” The sketch then ends with the Harris character dragging the sleeping Biden character off stage.

The Saudi government owns a majority stake in MBC and it is rare to see the leaders of major Saudi partners, such as Biden, mocked in this way.

Under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the country’s de facto leader who is also known as MBS, the Saudi entertainment sector has relaxed substantially, allowing more room for things like obscene comedy and music festivals, which have traditionally rankled conservative Saudis.

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