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Saudi Newspapers SLAP Obama in the Face While Celebrating Trump


President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia wasn’t only a reassertion of American power and influence.

It was a MAJOR slap in the face of Barack Obama and his failed policies.

And the Saudis said as much. Openly. But don’t expect our skewed mainstream media to report on it.

The Saudi newspapers Okaz and Al-Madina noted that there was a lot of frustration with Obama’s defeatist policies regarding Iran, and that Saudi Arabia sees Trump as heralding a new era of strength in the face of such enemies.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat, a Saudi-owned newspaper published in London, went a step further, publishing a caricature of a wreath being laid at a tombstone reading “Obama’s Policies.”

In the days leading up to his trip, a number of regional officials, like the Foreign Minister of Bahrain, said that Trump understands the Middle East far better than Obama could ever hope to.

Source: Ynet

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