Satanic Group Tries to Take Over Small Town. Here’s What Local Christians Did


A satan-worshipping cult is trying to impose its sick beliefs on a small town in Minnesota.

But local Christians aren’t going to surrender their home to the darkness without a fight.

Earlier this summer, the Satanic Temple received permission from municipal authorities in Belle Plains, Minnesota to erect a monument to the devil in the town’s Veterans Memorial Park.

Ignoring the seriously troubling implications of allowing such a thing, officials said they could find no technical reason to deny the application.

So, local Christians have had to take up the fight.

Breitbart reports:

Protesters have held prayer rallies in the park, insisting that the monument not be erected. One of the demonstrators, Susie Collins, said that the monument “is not the message of life and love, it is the message of death and decay.”

A local Catholic pastor, Father Brian Lynch, said that it “feels like it’s being imposed on us from the outside,” referring to efforts by the Massachusetts-based Satanic Temple to have the monument erected in Belle Plains.

On Saturday, more than 150 people attended an hourlong prayer rally organized a Catholic nonprofit organization. One participant carried a sign that read: “Satan belongs in hell, not Veterans Memorial Park.”

Like the transgender community, Satanism is demographically a very tiny movement that has successfully manipulated our topsy-turvy modern social standards to punch above its weight.

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While a minuscule number of people are actually satanists, they are able to have a detrimental impact on the rest of society.

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