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Sarasota Restaurant Sells ‘F Joe Biden’ Pizza


They say if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Well, one Sarasota pizza shop is happily taking the heat, and the hate.

Usually, pizza debates revolve around whether or not pineapple is an appropriate topping. However, Solorzano’s triple letter pizzas are a bit more political.

“Joe Biden, the f you can fill in yourselves,” the owner of Solorzano’s Kenneth Palin said.

The restaurant started serving up the message in October.

On Monday, ten pizzas were sold. On Tuesday, another twenty.

Not everyone online is cheesy-pleasy about the three-letter pies and they’re giving Solorzano’s a piece of their mind on social media.

One commenter wrote on Instagram, “Will not buy from here. Dividing Americans is not cool.” Another writing F *DT.

The founder of Solorzano’s however doesn’t mind the backlash they have received.

“I’m not trying to be cocky. We have a very good product and we know what we’re doing…. (Read more)

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