Sanctuary State Lets Illegal Immigrant Out of Jail, Even After He Did the UNTHINKABLE


Liberal sanctuary states are so committed to the cause of illegal immigration that they seem willing even to let those who entered the country illegally also break every other law.

Oregon is one of those states.

Over the weekend, a judge there was compelled to set free Fidel Lopez, an illegal immigrant who had been convicted just a month earlier for raping a dog to death.

Yes, raping a dog to death.

And now this man is back on the streets, even though he shouldn’t be in the country at all.

Would you feel safe with Fidel Lopez roaming free in your neighborhood?

ICE officials were not impressed.

An ICE spokeswoman told the New York Daily News:

“On April 8, Lopez was convicted of sexual assault of an animal and aggravated animal abuse and sentenced to 60 days in jail with credit for time served. The Multnomah County Jail did not honor the immigration detainer and released him without notice to ICE.

“Sanctuary policies not only provide a refuge for illegal aliens, but they also shield criminal aliens who prey on people in their own and other communities.”

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