San Francisco mayor sees how bad things are right now, and it’s worst than slums in some developing countries


Footage of San Francisco Mayor London Breed gazing a drug addict prepping a needle as she walks by.

This is normal for in a liberal cities where plastic straws are illegal and the drug needles are free!

The hypodermic needles, human feces, and other trash littering the streets and sidewalks is making the streets extremely unhealthy and unsafe.

watch closely:

The mayor says she promises to clean up the city and plans to spend $280 million this year on housing and services for the homeless.

“I will say there is more feces on the sidewalks than I’ve ever seen growing up here,” Breed said. “That is a huge problem and we are not just talking about from dogs — we’re talking about from humans.”

Why does the mayor have so many people around her like a big tough security guard? She doesn’t think it’s safe to walk the streets of her own city?


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