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Same DOJ That Dropped Charges Against Rioters Now Opens Investigation Into Phoenix Police


President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice may have dropped charges against numerous rioters following last year’s summer of chaos, but that doesn’t mean it’s falling asleep on the job.

On the contrary, the DOJ has a new target: police in Phoenix, Arizona, who are now under investigation for how they treat citizens, including the homeless.

“We have reviewed court files, media reports, citizen complaints and we also considered factors that we ordinarily weigh in determining whether to open an investigation, including the nature and seriousness of the allegations, the number of allegations, the steps that a department may be taking to address the allegations and the history of the department,” Kristen Clarke, head of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, said during a media briefing Thursday, according to CNN.

“We found that the evidence here warrants a full investigation, but we approach this process with no predispositions or pre-drawn conclusions.”

In a news release, the department announced the “investigation will assess all types of use of force by PhxPD officers, including deadly force.

“The investigation will also seek to determine whether PhxPD engages in retaliatory activity against people for conduct protected by the First Amendment; whether PhxPD engages in discriminatory policing; and whether PhxPD unlawfully seizes or disposes of the belongings of individuals experiencing homelessness.”

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